PKWARE chooses Dignus

a reprint from DIGLETS Fall Issue, 2002

Company Profile

PKWARE, Inc., the
leader in secure
data compresion, is
the provider of PKZIP
multi-platform data
compression soluations.
From windows to mainframe
and the platforms in
between, millions of
users around the
world rely on its
powerful compression
and strong security
features. PKZIP
empowers these
users with an easy-
to-use solution that
is affordable,
accessible and

As the pioneer
developer of
award-winning PKZIP
software, PKWARE
data compression
technology with the
introduction of the
.ZIP file format
in 1989. Since that
time, the company
continues to maintain
a firm committment
to research and

development that has
helped to make
the .ZIP the
industry standard
for data compression
and keeps PKWARE at
the forefront of
innovation. To
quickly grow their
product functionality,
PKWARE chose development
tools that met the

Dignus Solution

When asked how Systems/C
for MVS contributed
to the development
of PKZIP's next
generation, Mike Stebner,
Senior Software Architect
commented, "Systems/C
for MVS provided us
with an efficient means
of porting key
algorithms to our
platform. We were
able to implement the
necessary functionality
into our products in 40%
of the time estimated to
convert the program to
another language. In
addition, Systems/C
allowed us to avoid

the significant
effort and risk of
introducing Language
Environment(tm) into
our product suite."

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