Neon Systems, Inc. and Dignus

a reprint from DIGLETS Summer Issue, 2002

Company Profile

NEON Systems, Inc.
has enhanced its
development environment
by adding Dignus'
compiler capability
to its portfolio
of development tools.
This will allow
NEON Systems to
support and build
applications more
rapidly without
compromise to
the extreme
scalability for
which its software
is universally

NEON Systems, Inc.
(Nasdaq NEON) is
the leading provider
of Application
Platform to Mainframe
connectivity. NEON
Systems technlogy
is scalable, secure,
robust, easy to use
and provides
a rapid return on
investment. The
result is enhanced
and reduced burden on IT

NEON also provides excellent
customer support via the
NEON Systems website,, 24x7
telephone lines,
e-mail, and fax. For
more information about
NEON Systems and its
solutions, call 800-505-NEON.

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