Livestock Improvement Corporation uses Dignus

a reprint from DIGLETS Spring Issue, 2002

Company Profile

Livestock Improvement
sets the standards for
the world in dairy
herd improvement through
a unique national
database which
offsers unparalleled
traceability, world-class
genetic improvement
systems and laboratory
automation solutions.

Livestock Improvements is
one of the reaons New
Zealand dairy farmers
enjoy the lowest-cost
milk production in
the world, a result
of the highest
technology transfer
rate (research
to fram practice)
in the world,
national farm
management and
breeding strategies
and the highest
rate of genetic
gain (for the New
Zealand environemnt)
of any dairy
industry in the

The company's
activities can
broadly be described

Dignus Solution

Livestock was
looking at renewing
their annual
mainframe version
of C at a huge
expense when
Dignus entered
with a
including the
robust Systems/ASM.
Testing went on
for 3 months and at
the end a big "two
thumbs up" was
received for Dignus
products and support.

Now the Livestock
Improvement Corporation
uses a standard
PC to develop
their applications
at a fraction of
the previous cost.

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