Amadeus Speeds Development using PC Workstations to
Compile and Assemble with Leading-Edge DIGNUS tools.

Amadeus operates one of the world's most extensive electronic marketplaces. They enable travel agents
and travel service providers to market and sell travel to corporate and consumer end-users, in over 200 markets
around the world. In addition, their modular technology is used by over 100 airlines, and other travel
service providers, to optimize their internal operational requirements.

Amadeus serves many different companies - whether airlines, travel agents, hotel operators or car rental
firms. Amadeus has established a reputation as the fastest growing and most widely used global distribution
system (GDS) providing the technology that moves the travel industry.

The need for

Amadeus saw that its
software development
environment needed to be
ahead of the Technological
curve. "What we particularly
appreciate with Dignus is
their compatibility with
IBM's compiler. Mixing
code compiled on IBM with
Systems/C and Systems/C++
is transparent... It just
works," says Pierre Enault,

Senior Systems Analyst.


Dignus' Systems/C
Systems/C++ and
Systems/ASM, allow
developers to program in C,
C++ or Assembler on the PC
or other workstations and
create objects which link on
the mainframe to run under
the IBM TPF (Transaction
Processing Facility) for
zSeries and other mainframe
environments. Using the C
programming language
provides Amadeus the
flexibility to address its
large-scale development

"What is so different about
Dignus is how quickly they
react. We have immediate
answers to any problems we
discover. And, if a version
of the compiler is needed,
we receive it a few days
later," said Vincent
Lextrait Director, Amadeus
Global Core C.

Compiler Features

Systems/C has several
features, including the ability
to create commented
assembler source, direct in-
line assembler source and
other useful programming
features that enhance the TPF
development environment on
zSeries and other mainframes.

Systems/C++ allows the
same basic functionality as on Linux for
Systems/C plus the C++
capabilities and benefits of
ANSI compliance with IBM

Cross Assembling

Systems/ASM is a high level
assembler that is HLASM
compliant and offers the most
robust product available
today. Systems/ASM
allows a PC or workstation user to
assemble locally and create
objects to run on the
mainframe. Systems/ASM
extensions support Systems/C
and Systems/C++.

Amadeus Technology

Making technology work
for our customers

At Amadeus, making
technology work for
customers is their business.
From distribution and
connectivity to advanced e-
commerce and management
applications. Amadeus uses
technology to expand the
possibilities for any
organization that sells, buys
or provides travel services.

Based on open standards,
every Amadeus
technological solution is
designed for the full
integration demanded by
today's networked world.

Central Technological

The Amadeus Data
Processing Center, based in
Erding, Germany, is the
technological heard of the
Amadeus System with a very
powerful bookings and
reservations engine.
Housed in an 'intelligent
building', the Data Center is
one of Europe's largest
civilian data processing
centers and is configured to
provide round-the-clock
failsafe availability.
Equipment is symmetrically

distributed across six
independent computer rooms
to provide emergency back
up and additional plug-in

Amadeus global network

Amanet, the Amadeus global
network, is the data
backbone that links providers
and users. It also enables the
high-speed transmission of
huge amounts of data, video
and voice, across a highly
secure infrastructure,
supported by robust back-up

Major Amadeus markets in
Europe, North America and
Asia Pacific link directly to
Amanet. Other markets
connect with this global
network via third part
telecommunication services

Commitment to Innovation

Internet technologies are
transforming the travel and
tourism industries. With
innovation coming from
every quarter, Amadeus
partners with technology and
applications leaders across
the world to keep their
customers at the forefront of

e-Travel, a wholly owned
Amadeus company is just
such a pioneer. e-Travel is an
industry leader in
technlogy, innovation
expertise and commitment to
high quality performance and

Amadeus continuously
invests heavily in their core
network - over 90 million
Euros in the last two years -

to maintain and strength
Amanet, as the platform for
the world's most advanced,
effective and reliable
distribution service.

Customer solutions

Within a very short
timeframe, Amadeus has
become a world leader in
providing the travel industry
with superior solutions to
manage the distributionand
selling of travel services.

Over 50,000 travel agencies
and more than 8,000 airline
sales offices use the
Amadeus System to run their
business. Many of the
industry's leading travel
service providers use
Amadeus' modular
technology to optimize their
internal operational

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