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Press Release

Contact: Ron Pimblett
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9 AM EDT, September 17, 2003


Raleigh, NC - September 17, 2003: Dignus, LLC announces delivery of Systems/C 1.70 and Systems/C++ 1.70

Continuing to build on our excellent language offerings, Dignus announces the delivery of Version 1.70 of Systems/C and Systems/C++.

The Systems/C and Systems/C++ PLINK utility has been totally rewritten, to meet the demand of more modern Systems/C and Systems/C++ programs. In particular, this version of PLINK supports "weak" definitions, allowing for automatic instantiation of C++ templates without the need for cumbersome build machinations or bloated load modules. This new version of PLINK can also function as a replacement for the IBM pre-linker. IBM compatible objects, generated by Systems/C and Systems/C++, can now be pre-linked on cross-platform hosts, greatly improving the build management process.

Version 1.70 of the Systems/C C runtime also now includes ASCII/EBCDIC translation routines which aid in interoperability with ASCII systems.

Systems/C has been enhanced to provide language features compatible with SAS/C(tm), easing the transition from a SAS/C programming environment to a Systems/C programming environment.

Systems/C++ and Systems/C have also been enhanced to provide even greater control over the generated assembly source, listing options, and improved code generation.

Important features of this delivery include:

About Dignus, LLC

Dignus, LLC is an innovative company, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, committed to providing the best compilers, assemblers and development tools for the IBM mainframe. Dignus, LLC provides unique mainframe programming solutions that offer savings in time and effort, while streamlining development costs. Solutions are applicable to programming for a wide range of IBM mainframe operating systems, including OS/390, TPF, VM, Linux/390 and others. Systems/C, Systems/C++ and Systems/ASM run in native or cross-mode on PCs or workstations. This allows the end user to have the benefits of exceptional editing, rapid compile times, and locally assembled output linked on the mainframe for execution. Dignus compilers and assemblers have been recognized by IBM as "IBM Enterprise Servers Division Member Solution of the Month." For more information about Dignus, LLC or our products visit www.dignus.com.