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Press Release

Contact: Ron Pimblett
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9 AM EDT, November 7, 2002


Raleigh, NC - November 7, 2002: Dignus, LLC announces version 1.60 of its assembler product Systems/ASM.

Continuing in its support of mainframe development environments, Dignus, LLC today announces the general availability of Version 1.60 of Systems/ASM. As well as general improvements, Version 1.60 of Systems/ASM is now available on z/Linux platforms, and in OS/390's Unix Systems Services environment.

Improvements in Version 1.60

About Dignus, LLC

Dignus, LLC is an innovative company, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, committed to providing the best compilers, assemblers and development tools for the IBM mainframe. Dignus, LLC provides unique mainframe programming solutions that offer savings in time and effort, while streamlining development costs. Solutions are applicable to programming for a wide range of IBM mainframe operating systems, including OS/390, TPF, VM, Linux/390 and others. Systems/C, Systems/C++ and Systems/ASM run in native or cross-mode on PCs or workstations. This allows the end user to have the benefits of exceptional editing, rapid compile times, and locally assembled output linked on the mainframe for execution. Dignus compilers and assemblers have been recognized by IBM as "IBM Enterprise Servers Division Member Solution of the Month." For more information about Dignus, LLC or our products visit www.dignus.com.