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Press Release

Contact: Ron Pimblett
Phone: (919) 676-0847
9 AM EDT, October 15, 2002


SlickEdit and Dignus Sign Sales and Marketing Agreement for Mainframe Software Development Solutions

Dignus will resell Visual SlickEdit editing environment

Morrisville, NC and Raleigh, NC - October 15, 2002: SlickEdit® Inc, provider of the award-winning Visual SlickEdit® multi-platform, multi-language editing environment, and Dignus, LLC, provider of compilers and assemblers for IBM mainframes, jointly announced today that they have signed a sales and marketing agreement for their IBM mainframe software development solutions. As part of the agreement, Dignus will market and resell Visual SlickEdit on Windows, Linux and UNIX platforms. In addition, SlickEdit and Dignus will jointly sell Visual SlickEdit solutions for zSeries mainframe systems.

Dignus compilers and assemblers enable software developers to write code on any one of multiple platforms for execution on zSeries mainframe systems. By combining SlickEdit and Dignus solutions, customers can choose a more complete multi-platform development soution. Customers can either use Visual SlickEdit to develop C/C++ applications on a workstation and use Dignus tools to compile for execution on any of the supported mainframe operating systems - or use Visual SlickEdit and Dignus tools natively on the mainframe to both develop and compile code directly on the mainframe. Dignus compilers and assemblers have been recognized by IBM as "IBM Enterprise Server Division Member Solution of the Month."

Visual SlickEdit is the best-in-class graphical editing environment available on 14 platforms, including Windows, UNIX, Linux x86, Linux on zSeries, OS/390 and z/OS, and supports over 30 programming languages, include C/C++ and High Level Assembler.

"Visual SlickEdit is a great value-add for our mainframe customers because it works across all the platforms and languages that we support with our compilers," stated Ron Pimblett, responsible for sales and marketing at Dignus. "The Visual SlickEdit editing environment allows us to offer our customers a more complete, full-featured solution for their mainframe applications development environment. Many of our customers want to span their mainframe and enterprise environments with products that meet the requirements of each. SlickEdit in combination with Dignus, steps up to both with extreme competence."

"SlickEdit is excited that Dignus' customers will now be able to utilize the many productivity features in the Visual SlickEdit editing environment," said Bob Bradley, director of sales and business development at SlickEdit Inc. "This is a benefit for SlickEdit as well, because through Dignus we will be able to reach more mainframe customers who will benefit from a full-featured editing environment, whether they have a native or off-load mainframe application development strategy."

About Dignus, LLC

Dignus, LLC is an innovative company, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, committed to providing the best compilers, assemblers and development tools for the IBM mainframe. Dignus, LLC provides unique mainframe programming solutions that offer savings in time and effort, while streamlining development costs. These solutions are applicable to programming for a wide range of IBM mainframe operating systems, including OS/390, TPF, VM, Linux/390 and others. Systems/C, Systems/C++ and Systems/ASM run in native or crossmode on PCs or workstations. This allows the end user to have the benefits of exceptional editing, rapid compile times, and locally assembled output linked back to the mainframe for execution. For more information about Dignus, LLC or Systems/C, Systems/C++ or Systems/ASM visit www.dignus.com.

About SlickEdit Inc.

SlickEdit Inc. provides the editing environment of choice for software engineers worldwide. The award-winning Visual SlickEdit has earned the loyalty of developers by enabling them to increase productivity and improve software quality. Visual SlickEdit provides unparalleled language and platform support, including support for Windows, Linux x86, Linux on zSeris, Solaris SPARC, AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, FreeBSD, OS/390 and z/OS and over 30 programming languages. For more information about SlickEdit Inc. or Visual SlickEdit, visit www.slickedit.com.

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