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Raleigh, July 21, 2000: Today, Dignus, LLC announces the release of version 1.30 of their C compiler, Systems/C. New in this release is support for producing assembler source that can be assembled on Linux/390, enabling support for BUILDING Linux/390 programs.  Furthermore, Systems/C is available on a Linux/390 host, supporting all of its existing features in that environment. Version 1.30 was developed in cooperation with Software AG, located in Darmstadt, Germany. Software AG, the largest European supplier of system software, is using the Dignus Systems/C compiler to realize the release of several products, including its native XML database Tamino ( on Linux/390 scheduled later this year.

Systems/C version 1.30 awards all the same functions available for OS/390 programming to Linux/390, as well as improved and augmented features. For example, Linux/390 programmers can take advantage of Systems/C programming enhancements in a Linux/390 environment.

Also present in version 1.30 of Systems/C are enhancements to our existing OS/390 systems programming facilities, including a new direct call interface and refined assembler language interfaces.

Systems/C has grown to offer support for multiple IBM C environments in IBM C compatible mode. This allows the user to select the C/370 version they use. In addition it is available with options to support pre-HLASM assemblers!.


Systems/C is recognized as a continuously improving product. It now delivers:

Systems/C is available as a native compiler for OS/390 and Linux/390, or as a cross-compiler hosted on Windows, Solaris, Linux and FreeBSD.  The cross-compiler license allows you to compile on your PC, saving comapnies enormous amounts of mainframe cycles.

Providing yet another solution of merit, should come as no surprise. Dignus, LLC is in the business of producing compilers, and only compilers.  That is why Systems/C is the best-supported compiler in the industry!


Dignus, LLC was founded by Dave Rivers to provide compilers for the IBM mainframe market.  Located in Raleigh, NC,  Dignus, LLC is a dynamic privately held corporation.  Dignus, LLC markets and develops compilers for the mainframe. Their premier product, Systems/C, provides a development environment suited to both general applications and systems programming.  Dignus, LLC is committed to providing reliable, simple solutions to development teams.  Along with delivering a solid, dependable product, Dignus, LLC is obliged to provide superior support.  For more information about Dignus, LLC and Systems/C, visit their web site at

For marketing and sales information about Systems/C call (919) 676-0847, fax (919) 676-4124 or e-mail  For technical information contact us by calling or faxing (919) 676-0847 or via e-mail at, or visit our Web site at


Based in San Ramon, Calif., Software AG, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Software AG, actively pursuing XML business in the U.S.  For more information, visit the company's Web site at or call (925) 242-3700.

Headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, Software AG is Europe's largest system software provider and a major global player offering leading edge technology for data management and electronic business.  Since 1998 the company has focused its development activities on XML products for the business-to-business market segment.  Software AG achieved sales revenue of more than $350 million in 1999 and has more than 2,600 employees and representatives in more than 60 countries.  The company's distribution and technology partners include market leaders such as IBM, Microsoft and SCO and innovative IT solutions providers such as Extensibility, Softquad and InStranet.  Software AG's products control the central IT processes of thousands of renowned companies worldwide, including FedEx, Citibank, MCIWorldcom, Shell Oil and Delta Airlines.