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Press Release

Contact: Dignus Sales
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9 AM EDT, February 21, 2000

Dignus, LLC Delivers Version 1.20 of Their C-Compiler, Systems/C.

Raleigh, February 21, 2000: Today, Dignus, LLC, announces the release of version 1.20 of Systems/C. Living up to their company slogan, "Solutions of Merit", Dignus continues to improve upon an already solid product.

Systems/C was created in response to the industry trend to develop in C and move away from Assembler, providing a tool which makes S/390 programming more productive.

Systems/C generates assembler language source and is available for IBM mainframes running OS/390, all compatible machines, and even on Windows, Solaris, Linux, and FreeBSD, allowing you to compile on your workstation!

Version 1.20 now has a much improved code generator, improved OS/390 I/O support and handles re-entrant (RENT) programs. In addition you will find V1.20 includes a pre-linker, PLINK. PLINK, combined with the new re-entrant library, is used to construct RENT programs. Remember, all this is in addition to the TCP/IP features and socket support added in Version 1.10.

Dignus, after careful development and initial deployment of the compiler, decided to aggressively market it. They wanted to be sure that they could offer a high quality and reliable performance product. "We wanted to make sure our product lives up to our claims," said Aileen Foley, Marketing Director of Dignus, LLC. "The Systems/C slogan is Facilitating the Art of Programming. Only when we were thrilled with its performance and features, could we introduce it to the industry."

Dignus, LLC was founded in 1997 by Dave Rivers to provide compilers for the IBM mainframe market. Located in Raleigh, NC, Dignus, LLC is a small, privately held corporation.

For marketing and sales information about Systems/C call (919) 676-0847 or e-mail sales@dignus.com. For technical information contact us by calling (919) 676-0847 or via e-mail at sysc@dignus.com, or visit our Web site at www.dignus.com.