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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What does Cross-Platform mean?

    Cross-Platform means using a different platform for creating mainframe programs. For example, compiling and assembling sources on a Windows workstation, producing mainframe OS/390 object decks or load-modules.

    Using these cross-platform resources can be a tremendously improve programmer productivity while reducing mainframe costs.

  • What platforms does Dignus support?

    Dignus tools run on many cross-platform hosts, including FreeBSD, AIX, Windows, PC Linux, Linux/390, z/Linux, HP/UX, Solaris and Mac OS/X.

    Natively, on the mainframe, Dignus tools are supported under OS/390, z/OS, z/VM, Linux/390 and z/Linux.

  • Can Dignus tools be integrated with Microsoft's Visual Studio?

    Yes - the Dignus tools can be integrated with Visual Studio. To learn more, click here.

  • Do you have any information regarding TPF or z/TPF? You can learn more about the use of Dignus products in TPF programming here.

  • Can I get a trial of Dignus products?

    Yes - you can request a trial of any products by clicking here.

  • How do I find out more?

    Click here to learn more about contacting dignus.


  • Where is the Systems/C documentation?

    You can find the Systems/C documentation here.


  • Where is the Systems/C++ documentation?

    You can find the Systems/C++ documentation here.


  • Where is the Systems/ASM documentation?

    You can find the Systems/ASM documentation here.

  • How compatible is Systems/ASM with HLASM, and which version?

    Systems/ASM is very compatible with HLASM 1.4. An upcoming version will bring support for many HLASM 1.5 features.

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