Systems/C is Dignus' premier C compiler product for the IBM mainframe. Systems/C compiler software allows users to develop mainframe C applications on a mainframe, or on UNIX or Windows workstations.

The Version 2.20 release is available now!

To learn more about the new features in Version 2.20, visit the what's new web page.

Version 2.20 adds the new Systems/Debug cross-platform debugger. Systems/Debug supports assembly level as well as C/C++ source level debugging.

Version 2.20 of Systems/C focuses on standards adherence, code optimization and generation improvements, and on-going GCC compatibility features, providing improved runtime performance as well as compile-time improvements.

Systems/C is available as a native compiler for OS/390, z/OS and z/Linux, or as a cross-compiler hosted on Windows, AIX, Solaris, Solaris x86, FreeBSD, HP/UX, Mac OS X 386, and Linux.

Also, the documentation is now available as .pdf file. And, you can request a 30-day trial of Systems/C to examine yourself.

Systems/C can be applied to many development tasks.

Did you ever just want to write an assembly routine in a High Level Language, and simply link that in with your existing ASM programs? Systems/C's unique generation of assembly language source (with user-specified function entry and exit, etc..) makes that possible!

Did you ever want to compile your IBM C programs under your workstation's build environment. Imagine compiling IBM C programs under Microsoft's Visual Studio or Eclipse. Systems/C makes that possible!

Did you ever want to compile C programs for the mainframe and package them without worrying about run-time libraries. Systems/C makes that possible!

Did you ever want to directly reference assembly language source from C code, or directly in-line assembly code in the middle of your high-level code? Systems/C makes that possible!

In short, Systems/C takes your development to the "next level!"

Features of Systems/C include:

We've also provided several examples to point out these features. These examples represent work-in-progress; so every feature may not be evident. Furthermore, they are frequently updated; you may want to check often.

Also - you can compile your own source! We've provided a web-based compilation mechanism to submit source and see the output from the Systems/C compiler (DCC), along with the generated assembly language source.

This product includes software developed by the University of California, Berkeley and its contributors.

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