Systems/ASM is Dignus' HLASM R6 compatible assembler product for the IBM mainframe. Systems/ASM assembler software allows users to develop mainframe applications, in IBM assembler language, on a mainframe, or on UNIX and Windows workstations. Systems/ASM generates object code for all IBM zSeries operating systems, including Linux for S/390 and zSeries, z/OS, OS/390, VSE, z/VSE, VM, z/VM, TPF and z/TPF.

Systems/ASM can be used to create Linux/390 and z/Linux programs from traditional ASM source, allowing for an easier transition to Linux on the mainframe. Systems/ASM can assemble existing code as unchanged as possible (no new instructions or psuedo-ops to use) and also has complete support for debugging with the native Linux tools.

Systems/ASM Version 1.95 is available now!

Version 1.95 has many new features including MHELP and PRINT MCALL support, TYPECHECK support, UWARN support improved HTML listing output, latest vector instruction support and ongoing HLASM compatibility improvements.

To learn more about the recent enhancements in Systems/ASM Version 1.95, read the "whatsnew" file.

Systems/ASM is available as a native assembler for CMS, OS/390, z/OS and USS, or as a cross-assembler hosted on Windows, Mac OS/X, Max OS/X x86, AIX, Solaris, Solaris/x86, HPUX, FreeBSD, Linux, Linux/390 and z/Linux.

The Systems/ASM documentation is now available as an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. And, you can request a 30-day trial of Systems/ASM to examine yourself, applying it to your development efforts today!

Systems/ASM can be applied to many development tasks:

Did you ever just want to check your assembler source on your workstation before assembling on the mainframe? Systems/ASM makes that possible!

Did you ever want to assemble your mainframe programs under your workstation's build environment? Imagine assembling HLASM programs under Microsoft's Visual Studio. Systems/ASM makes that possible!

In short, Systems/ASM takes your development to the "next level!"

Features of Systems/ASM include:

  • HLASM R6 compatible assembler and macro processor.

  • Support for modern architectures and the new HLASM mnemonics.

  • Message numbers match with HLASM's, supporting the same SUPRWARN options.

  • Support for EXEC CICS and EXEC DLI statements with a complete CICS preprocessor. The Systems/ASM CICS preprocessor is available on all Systems/ASM supported platforms.

  • Support for generating Linux/390 and z/Linux objects using traditional ASM syntax.

  • Available as a native assembler on CMS, OS/390, z/OS and USS, as well as a cross-assembler on Windows, AIX, HPUX, Linux, Linux/390, z/Linux, Solaris, Solaris/x86, Mac OS/X, Mac OS/X x86 and FreeBSD.

  • Supports additional features for integration into cross-platform build environments.

  • Full support for the complete z/Architecture instruction set, up to the very lastest ZSERIES7 instructions, including new instruction formats and data formats.
  • Support for generating Associated Data (ADATA) debugging information.

  • Generates ESD (OMF), XSD or GOFF style object decks recognized by the Systems/C pre-linker and IBM linker and/or the IBM binder; or ELF object decks for Linux/390 and z/Linux, including debugging information for Linux.

  • Automatic ASCII<->EBCDIC translation of the source; support for reading either ASCII or EBCDIC source and macros/COPY files.

  • "exits" that may be invoked when searching for macro/COPY files, and extensions to the replacement characters in a search specification.

  • Support for reading macro/COPY files from a ZIP archive.

  • Integrated support for reading PDSs and UNIX files on z/OS (under classic "batch" or under USS.)

    And - you can try it yourself! We've provided a web-based assembly mechanism to submit assembly source and see the output from the Systems/ASM assembler (DASM), along with the generated assembler listing.

    Don't settle for anything less, try Systems/ASM today!

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