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z/TPF Information
Dignus, LLC

  • Dignus compilers are fully integrated into the z/TPF maketpf facility and their use for z/TPF programming is supported by IBM.

  • Compiler features only available from Dignus:
    • Compiler listings

      Dignus compilers produce compiler listings that are similar to the IBM TPF 4.1 listings, including similar headings portions, file information, expanded macro lines, etc. This has been integrated into the z/TPF maketpf process along with the assembler information to provide a listing very familiar to current TPF developers.

    • TPF 4.1 syntax/semantics available in z/TPF:
      • Systems/C supports the _Pack qualifier, equivalent to IBM's TPF 4.1 compilers.
      • Support for #pragma pack, #pragma map, #pragma options(inline) and other compiler controlling features.
      • Support for TPF 4.1 bitfield alignments with the -fansi_bitfield option (GCC does not match the IBM compiler bitfield allocations.)
      • Support for the _Decimal data type with no changes (GCC does not allow this.)

    • $$$HDRMAP facility for mapping of header file names to UNIX file names with no changes to existing source code.

    • -ftrim, -fmargins to assist in migration of sources from a PDS-based environment.

    • Native support for a 31-bit pointer type, providing proper conversions from 31-bit to 64-bit pointer values using the LLGT//LLGTR instructions (GCC's use of __attribute__((mode(SI))) can produce incorrect code).

    • -fmapat option to change '@' to '_' in external symbosl without source file changes (also available in the Dignus assembler).

  • The Dignus compilers and assembler can be used for building existing TPF 4.1 programs, so TPF 4.1 builds can move to a z/Linux environment as well as z/TPF.

  • To really save money, the Dignus compilers and assembler can run locally on a developer's workstation (Windows, Linux, etc.) to produce z/TPF or TPF 4.1 programs without using mainframe cycles.

  • Dignus stands behind its products, no 3rd-party support contract is required.

  • Dignus webinar slides with some examples.

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